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  • CQCS will provide your NDIS supports.

  • You will normally need to make a written agreement with CQCS. This is called a Service Agreement.

  • Service Agreement will be simple and set out how and when your supports will be delivered.

  • Service Agreement will be made between you and CQCS.

  • Service Agreement is different from your NDIS plan. Your plan lists your NDIS supports, but a Service Agreement is about delivering those supports.

  • When making a Service Agreement, a copy of your NDIS plan is required.

       The NDIS Plan is attached to the service agreement to ensure CQCS delivers you the right supports           in the right way.

Service agreements might include information such as:

  • What supports and services CQCS agrees to provide.

  • The cost of those supports and services.

  • How, when and where you would like your supports and services to be provided.

  • How long you need the supports and services to be provided.

  • When and how your service agreement will be reviewed.

  • How any problems or issues that may arise will be handled.

  • Your responsibilities under the service agreement – such as letting CQCS know if you can’t make an appointment.

  • CQCS cancellation policy.

  • CQCS responsibilities – such as working with you to deliver your supports and services in the right way.

  • How you or CQCS may change or end the service agreement.

      Make sure you or your nominee read the service agreement carefully before you sign it and keep a          copy in a safe place.

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